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The Long Kiss Goodnight 2 - Renny Harlin (20??)


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Samuel L. Jackson and Renny Harlin are in talks to revisit their 1996 action movie The Long Kiss Goodnight without the director's former leading lady and ex-wife Geena Davis.


Jackson has been quietly developing the project with Harlin for the past two years, and now the moviemaker reveals he has a storyline for a sequel, which would revolve around the Pulp Fiction star's character, Mitch Henessey.


The Finnish filmmaker tells MovieHole.net, "I do have a storyline for it that I worked out and I know exactly what would happen and I think it would be fantastic.


"I can reveal as much as saying it would be Sam Jackson crossing paths with Geena Davis' daughter from the first movie, who, in the first movie was about six years old, and who would now be about 19 or 20."


Harlin insists he is very interested in making the sequel - because The Long Kiss Goodnight is his favourite film experience.


He adds, "It’s a movie that had a really good screenplay, which meant that I was able to get really good actors... When you have characters that are complex and you have good drama, and some humour and some good action, you kind of have all the ingredients... It was a great experience.''


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