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La loi et l'ordre - Jon Avnet (2008)


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It's one for the Heat fans to drool over - Robert De Niro and Al Pacino are working together again on Righteous Kill, and it looks like they're sharing practically every scene rather than just a single cup of coffee in the teaser trailer that's gone online here.


The pair play New York City cops hunting a vigilante killer who's knocking off bad guys, but what if the killer is one of their own?! Carla Gugino's onboard as a love interest, and there's a stellar supporting cast including John Leguizamo, Brian Dennehy and, er, 50 Cent.


Despite this being a teaser trailer, it feels like the entire film is here. Dennehy's tough boss (we're guessing) proclaims, "You could lose it all by taking this case. You wanna risk that?", a line whose cliched-ness is only slightly relieved by the comedy-casual "Yeah" from both that follows it.


Inside Man's Russell Gewirtz wrote the script, but it's being directed by Jon Avnet, who has a rather patchy CV (Red Corner anyone?), so we're going to keep fingers crossed that all involved are on form and that this trailer is a Seven-style double-bluff for something much more clever than it appears.


Trailer : http://movies.yahoo.com/premieres/6844980/standardformat/

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