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Piranha 3DD - John Gulager (2012)


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Piranha 3D chowed down enough money at the box office this year to get Dimension Films in a flap over a sequel – and they want it fast.


Like, seriously fast. The studio have just hired director John Gulager (Feast) to light a dynamite stick under the project that will ensure it gets into cinemas by summer 2011.


Saw V, VI and 3D writers Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan have also been picked up to burn keyboard keys into their laptops writing a script for the as-yet-untitled fishy follow-up. We’re sure it will feature an abundance of floating 3D limbs.


Time will tell if we end up seeing a return of the flying piranhas that were the main event in James Cameron’s 1981 Piranha II: The Spawning. If the project is released in 3D, that's certainly the way to go.

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Bordel a cul, c'est un forum sur le bis ici ou quoi??


personne n'a vu les Feast??


Le 1 et 2 sont dantesques, ALIEN revu par l'humour à la South Park.


Gulager a des idées barges niveau rea, je suis sur qu'il va eclater ce P23DD!!




Feast, je me rappelle surtout qu'on voit rien tellement ça tremble.

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